What is a USI and why do I need one? ​

What is a USI and why do I need one? ​

Have you found yourself asking any of the following questions: 

What on earth is this USI thing that people keep talking about?  

I am not a student, why do I need one?  

USI stands for Unique Student Identifier. A USI is your individual education number for life in Australia. It gives you an online record of your vocational education and training (VET) undertaken in Australia.  

If you’re doing nationally recognised training, you need a USI.  

Here’s the gist – anyone that enrols into a nationally accredited course (such as an RSA, RSG, Food Safety training, etc.) is technically classified as a ‘student’ and needs to create a USI and provide it to their Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Even if you’re in Australia on a working holiday visa, you still need to apply for and provide a USI.  

This is a federal government requirement, and we are not able to provide you with your Statement of Attainment (certificate) until your USI has been received.  

Please note that RTOs do not issue USIs and cannot assist in creating them or obtaining lost USI numbers. If you have difficulties creating a USI number, please visit https://www.usi.gov.au/help or phone Skilling Australia 1300 857 536 who can assist you further.