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Teamwork is essential in any successful organization. To have an effective team, an organisation must be comprised of individuals who pride themselves on being great team players. Many of us would consider ourselves to be team players, but are we really? Do we know what it takes? Every person in an organisation brings skills and strengths to the table. Understanding how to use them within the context of a team is vital to help an organisation succeed.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Understand the definition of, and know the difference between, a team player and a non-team player
  • Learn the qualities possessed by a team player
  • Determine what type of team player you are and understand your place in a team
  • Know and understand what it takes to be a team player
  • Discover the different types of teams that exist within a company
  • Learn what working together as a team looks like
  • Learn the different types of workplace teams organisations need to succeed
  • Develop strategies to improve teamwork

This is a non-accredited course but you will receive a completion certificate.


All training and assessment is conducted by Clear to Work Pty Ltd RTO 21907.