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NSW Responsible Supply of Alcohol Training (RSAT) $20

This course provides a comprehensive overview of the knowledge requirements under NSW State liquor laws for employees in the supply of alcohol by same day delivery in NSW. If you are involved in the same day delivery of alcohol in NSW you have legal obligations relating to the sale, supply and delivery of alcohol. Meeting your obligations directly contributes to the minimisation of alcohol-related harms.

The purpose of Responsible Supply of Alcohol training (RSAT) is twofold, to:

  1. ensure that you have the knowledge and skills to meet your responsibilities under the law; and
  2. understand the importance of your role in the responsible sale and same day delivery of alcohol in the NSW liquor industry.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This course provides the learning material necessary to take the knowledge test (assessment piece) but does NOT include the knowledge test itself. The knowledge test is provided exclusively by Liquor & Gaming NSW. A link to purchase and access the knowledge test will be provided at the end of the course. To take the knowledge test, a separate fee will need to be paid directly to Liquor & Gaming NSW. This fee is $17.

*Clear to Work is a provider of Liquor and Gaming NSW approved courses on behalf of Liquor and Gaming NSW.

Course Objectives:

This course is broken down into multiple, easy-to-manage sections.

  • Introduction
  • Module 1: NSW liquor laws
  • Module 2Intoxication
  • Module 3: Minors
  • Module 4: Refusing supply responsibly
  • Module 5: Harm minimization strategies & approaches
  • Module 6: Compliance & enforcement
  • Scenarios
  • Knowledge test details & next steps

You do not need to complete the course in one sitting. You can exit the course at any stage. The Learning Management System will remember where you’re up to.

Who Needs to Complete the RSAT?

Responsible Supply of Alcohol Training (RSAT) is mandatory for anyone involved in the same day alcohol delivery to the public in NSW. This applies to same day alcohol delivery providers, delivery agents, and delivery drivers making alcohol deliveries.

Same day delivery providers include:

  • licensed takeaway liquor providers that offer online/phone sales and deliveries in NSW
  • food delivery providers that deliver alcohol in addition to, or as a part of food deliveries
  • individuals offering same day delivery of alcohol in NSW, and
  • any other businesses that offer same day alcohol delivery to the public.

RSAT is the foundation that qualifies you to make same day deliveries in NSW in accordance with the law. There are no exemptions to the requirement to complete RSAT. Same day delivery providers, agents, or drivers with a current NSW RSA competency must be aware of and fulfil their obligations covered in this RSAT course.

Knowledge Test

People who need to complete the RSAT course must complete the RSAT knowledge test. The knowledge test for the RSAT is provided exclusively by Liquor & Gaming NSW. The cost to purchase the knowledge test is $17.  

When you purchase the knowledge test from Liquor & Gaming NSW, during checkout you will need to provide details of your NSW RSAT Learning including the completion date and who provided you the training. This information will be provided on your certificate of participation once you complete the learning component.

The knowledge test consists of 12 questions and the estimated duration is around 20 minutes. You will get three (3) attempts to pass the knowledge test. If you do not pass the knowledge test after three (3) attempts, you will need to pay for the knowledge test again to access an additional three (3) attempts.  

After successfully completing the assessment, you should be issued with the RSAT certificate directly from Liquor & Gaming NSW. The certificate is valid for 5 years.


*Clear to Work is a provider of Liquor and Gaming NSW approved courses on behalf of Liquor and Gaming NSW. Visit the Licensee Training Tool at for further information on whether you need to complete licensee training.