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Licensee training is a requirement for most licensees, approved managers and club secretaries. In licensed venues, senior roles – like licensee, approved manager, or club secretary – have greater responsibilities and obligations under the NSW liquor laws.

Specialised training is a requirement for most people working in those senior roles and it is also available to RSA holders wanting to build on their career.

Advanced Licensee training is an additional course for people who operate a business in a higher risk environment – for example, businesses that trade regularly after midnight.

This course is designed to assist you to become a leader and risk manager and to address the range of challenges and behaviours that your business might encounter operating in a higher risk environment

Clear to Work approved to deliver the Liquor & Gaing NSW Advanced Licensee training.

Course Information

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Course facts


Cost TBC
Course name Advanced Licensee Training
Pre-requisite Licensee training, and

Provide responsible service of alcohol (RSA) (SITHFAB002) along with NSW specific modules

Delivery 100% online, no classroom
Time 3 minutes to enrol,  approx 5-6 hours – self-paced,

4 weeks to complete.

Payment Mastercard/Visa through our Eway internet payment facility.
Valid In NSW only
Learner’s rights Click here to read…  our student handbook and documents relating to learner’s rights including our complaints and appeals procedure.

Course Overview

The course is broken down into four sections.

Session 1: Overview of liquor regulation in higher risk environments in NSW
Session 2: Leading a culture of compliance
Session 3: NSW Government and industry approaches to minimise alcohol-related harms
Session 4: Minimising the risk of alcohol-related harms in your business

PART A: Risk management
PART B: Best practice strategies to control risk

PART C: Leading a compliant business


Purpose of the training

Managing licensed premises is an important job with much responsibility. As the licensee or manager of venue operating in a higher risk environment, you have additional obligations and responsibilities.

Research shows that assaults at licensed premises are likely to occur and more frequently, between midnight and 3.00am1. Running a large and complex event, such as a music festival, also carries increased risk.

There is a lot you can do to prevent alcohol-related harms from occurring as a result of your business activities.

You have a responsibility to work within your business, to take a risk-based approach and lead your staff as well as engage with your local or broader community, to both reduce the harm associated with alcohol and contribute to creating a sustainable and vibrant industry.

Non-compliance with the NSW liquor laws can result in the suspension or cancellation of your licence and you can be banned from holding a liquor licence or having a financial interest in a licence for a significant period of time.

This course will give you the skills and tools to avoid this while operating in a higher risk environment. It is designed to help you:

  • understand and carry out your legal responsibilities as a licensee operating in a higher risk environment,
  • analyse and minimise the risks relevant to your liquor licence, and
  • manage, operate and lead a successful licensed business.

We want you to be a great risk manager and leader for your business.



Before you complete this training, you will need to hold a valid NSW competency card or interim certificate issued by a Liquor & Gaming NSW approved training provider in the following courses:

  • Licensee training, and
  • Provide responsible service of alcohol (RSA) (SITHFAB002) along with NSW specific modules.

Completing these training packages will have provided you with foundational knowledge and a sound understanding of the following:

Licensee requirements, including:

  • understanding the relevant liquor laws and regulations that impact you as a licensee
  • knowing your responsibilities in managing your NSW liquor licence  understanding your responsibilities as a licensee to manage alcohol-related harms in your business
  • how to implement strategies for your business to improve operations, and
  • understanding the consequences of non-compliance and what that means for you as a licensee.

Responsible service of alcohol provisions, including:

  • key provisions of liquor laws and regulations
  • understanding of public interest reasons for responsible service practices
  • effects of alcohol and the factors that affect individual responses
  • customers to whom sale or service must be refused and those who are at heightened risk (minors, intoxicated persons etc.)
  • responsible service practices for selling and serving alcohol
  • standard drinks for different beverage types and acceptable measures of alcohol
  • indicators of erratic drinking and ways of assessing intoxication (including assessing customers affected by the consumption of illicit and other drugs)
  • practical strategies to refuse service and refuse entry.


Why do I need to complete Advanced Licensee training?

You are required to meet complex legislative requirements in relation to the sale, service and supply of liquor in your business. While your RSA and Licensee training will have provided you with a basic understanding of this, as a licensee of a Tier 2 business, your alcohol-related risks are greater. You may be operating a business trading after midnight, running a large and complex event, or are located in a precinct, and so you carry added responsibilities that require further tailored training.

The NSW Government committed to the introduction of a tiered industry training framework to strengthen and enhance liquor industry training standards by building on the existing RSA training. Liquor & Gaming NSW has worked closely with industry peak bodies, NSW Police and select registered training organisations (including us!) to design this new training framework to ensure it meets your training needs.

The Liquor Regulation 2018 introduced the tiered industry training framework which includes two new levels of licensee training that are designed to support you in meeting your compliance obligations and implementing strategies to improve your business operations while providing safe and vibrant environments for your customers. These are:

  • Licensee training, which is designed for licensees, approved managers and club secretaries
  • Advanced Licensee training, which is an additional course for licensees, approved managers and club secretaries operating businesses in higher risk environments.

Who is required to complete Advanced Licensee training?

The Liquor Regulation 2018 requires all licence types classified as Tier 2 to complete Advanced Licensee training.

Tier 2 licences include:

  • those authorised to trade after midnight on a regular basis or otherwise have extended late night trading hours authorisation on a regular basis
  • certain on-premises business types, such as nightclubs (adult relaxation entertainment) and karaoke bars
  • licensees or businesses subject to a regulatory scheme, and
  • those nominated by Liquor & Gaming NSW or the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (the Authority).

Tier 2 licences include:

Businesses with any of the following licences that are authorised to trade after midnight or authorised to have extended late-night trading hours on a regular basis:

  • hotel licences
  • general bar licences
  • club licences
  • producer/wholesaler licences endorsed with a drink on-premises authorisation
  • on-premises licences that relate to any of the following:
    • public entertainment venues (other than a cinema)
    • restaurants or cafés (those with a primary service authorisation)
    • tertiary institutions, and
    • vessels
    • caterers

Note for the following:

  • small bar licence – with extended trading authorisation that authorises the sale or supply of liquor on a regular basis between 2.00am and 5.00am.
  1. Certain business types irrespective of whether they operate after midnight:
    • nightclubs (adult relaxation entertainment): whose primary purpose is to provide entertainment in a potentially higher risk environment due to the type and style of entertainment offered and the extended trading hours that are available, and
    • karaoke bars: whose primary purpose is to provide entertainment, often trade past midnight and see peak trade after midnight.
  1. Any licensee or venue subject to a regulatory scheme.
  1. Any licensee directed by Liquor & Gaming NSW or the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority.

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To complete this course you need to:

A unique email address not previously used by another student.

A driver’s licence, passport or another form of photo-identity, such as an 18+ card.

Unique student identifier (USI) – a federal government requirement. You can get a USI as part of your registration. Click here to visit the USI website.

Device – computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone with internet access and current internet browser.

Access to a Smartphone, digital recording device, webcam or video camera to video yourself answering questions.

Please read the assessment tab for full details of the assessment for this course.



You will be assessed using several methods:

  • Multiple choice questions
  • Written questions
  • Verbal questions

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